Who we are?

Supfinad.o.o. was established 2003 with mission to become regional leader in providing world class service in maintenance of industrial cutting tools and supporting infrastructure made of hard materials and HSS.
Recognizing need for manufacturing and maintenance of industrial cutting tools (with high quality and high standard) our organization recruited design end engineering personnel with high qualifications and experience, where their commitment to our customers our main criteria for joining our team.
Due to this approach to our customers very soon after our establishment we had to expand our capacity to fulfill our ever-growing customer base.
Supfina dooSupfina doo
  • Manufacturing and maintenance standardized cutting tools made from hard metals and HSS
  • Manufacturing and maintenance specialized cutting tools (rotational) as per customers blueprints with full support our design and engineering team (from idea to full realisation)
  • Manufacturing and maintenance standardized treaded and step-up cutting tools
  • Manufacturing and maintenance standardizeddie tools for treaded step-up cutting tools
  • Manufacturing and maintenance specialized traded and step-up cutting tools according to costumers blueprints (with full support of our design and engineering teams)
  • Manufacturing and maintenance combined specialized cutting tools made of standard steel and other metals where need arises due to customer request
Our future goals are to expand our scope of manufacturing and maintenance of cutting tools made of different alloys and manufacturing and maintenance of high precision drilling tools.