Profile of supfina

Our management understood that in order to become industry leaders they had to put main focus on customer satisfaction with regards to quality and expedience. We started with production of 900 tools per day but not long after, we expended due to high demand for our high standards and new customers.
Further, we added highly qualified engineering, and design teams with logistical team as our new foray into providing services that allowed us to have high retention rate on existing customers.
With highly skilled teams, innovation become second nature to us and this approach propelled us to a leader in manufacturing industrial cutting tools in region.  High focus on quality and expedience is what our customers demand and, high quality and expedience is what we strive to and deliver on daily bases
Our flexibility to quickly answer new market demands due to new trends and innovation in field of industrial cutting tools has made us preferred choice of many industries in the region who’s daily business operations depend on having cutting tools maintained to highest quality possible
SUPFINA  prides itself in following trends in industry and that is why we invest  in  in new technologies and software which in turn provide our customers with best possible product and service. Our manufacturing processes are revised constantly with help of our management, and this allowed us to present ourselves, to the market, as accompany whose work quality and services are the one to beat
Our manufacturing infrastructure consists of CNC tools supported by highly trained and qualified personnel who are involved in complete process. Our quality control is highly focused on final product and is critical part of our process.  This approach delivers highest quality work die to high precision of CNC equipment, and quality control equipment
Based on our customer requests our products are supported by complete documentation and specification of our processes
All our products are coated (based on customer requests) with films based on nano-technology which greatly improves life of the tools and resistance to high frictions and temperatures
Based on customer request we provide in-house pickup and delivery services